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Entraco Power Systems Pvt. Ltd’s offers super Compact Bus Duct from Switzerland. The variety of compact bus ducts consist of low voltage, medium voltage and resin cast bus duct.

The compact bus ducts have higher mechanical strength. It is EX-protected and resistant to Electro erosion, Fungi, animals, insects, rodents, UV rays, etc. It has an international Standards range from 1000 Amp. – 6300 Amp/1000V.

It can withstand high short-circuit and is self-extinguishing insulation. It has simple erection and is completely insulated with cast resin.

Compact Bus Ducts

It has air & watertight wall bushings, has low voltage drop therefore minimizing losses. It is maintenance free and EX protected. It has a fire retarding wall bushings F 120, function E 30 & E 60 and non-chimney effect.

The company offers a collection of products and services aimed at allowing businesses for their energy distribution needs and help them grow. Some of their services include manufacturing, implementation, custom designs and maintenance and energy conservation programs.

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