Important Safety Measures for Construction Workers

Construction work is considered to be one of the most dangerous occupations. Workers are surrounded with a lot of hazards, vulnerable to things that can incapacitate them temporarily or permanently. It is a good thing they have the skills to avoid work accidents. For instance, they are trained to operate heavy machinery, even those that are not newly bought like second hand forklifts or any other tool.

But we all know that even a skilled workman may still be exposed to harm. They can have all the equipment and experience when it comes to construction work, but it can never be really totally safe. Here we list down some of the measures individual workers take to make sure they remain safe while working.

Make sure to wear protective gear at all time

Construction workers are provided with the proper protective gear when there is a job. If you are a worker and your employer does not provide this, demand it from them. Protective gear includes a helmet and eye-wear. It can include ear muffs or plugs for people who operate very loud machines, protective gloves for handling hot or toxic material, and glowing vests for when you are going to finish late. You must harnesses all the time, especially if you are about to work a few floors higher. Obviously, it would be instantly fatal if someone falls from a huge height, and so sturdy harnesses are a requirement.

Because sometimes work continues regardless of the weather condition, workers must also wear climate protective clothing to avoid any sickness.

Double checking the area you are working on

When you double-check the area you are about to work on, make sure to check the sturdiness of scaffolding and ladders. These are equipment that help workers reach certain heights. An incomplete scaffolding or a faulty ladder have been causes of numerous construction injuries, so make sure you avoid getting into an accident by inspecting them.

Have fencing and escape routes in place

In construction sites, there are bound to be dangerous areas no worker should come close, at least not in the early stages of construction. Make sure to put proper fencing in these areas so that no one can accidentally fall into a hole or get caught in something that might cause them injury. Additionally, because construction also involves fire, you must have preventive measures for it. For instance, have an escape route planned out in case a wildfire happens, or have a fire extinguisher made available for each crucial area.

Be mindful of the equipment and get proper training for using machinery

Construction does not just play with fire, it also makes use of water and electricity. Be mindful of equipment that is plugged on the wall. Make sure that they do not have wear and tear. Moreover, you should have been able to train to operate the heavy machinery. Let us take forklifts, for example. A forklift is a machine that is used to do the heavy lifting, which means specialised training to use it is required. It can go through narrow places and do side-lifting, so special features like this should be done by someone who has had proper training.

The most important one would be having emergency aid available all the time. Workers may be strong, but they are not invincible. We should be able to help them thwart danger by reminding them of these safety measures.

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