Know more about Scrap Processing Machines

Advance Hydrau-tech Pvt Ltd’s is a foremost manufacturer and exporter of Scrap Processing Machines.

The scrap baling press comes in numerous models with chief modifications related to the scrap’s containing capacity, bale ejection mechanism and baling press operation type. The bailing process type is again fully manual, automatic, or semi-automatic.

Usually, a scrap baling press has a baling chamber of variable sizes to take in different quantities of scrap, an electric motor, a sequence of cylinders to exert pressure at different positions of scrap in the machine and control panels. For differentiating these individual parts of a machine,

Scrap Baling PressAdvance Hydrau manufactures many basic models of scrap baling presses which include single compression, double compression and triple compression type scrap baling press machines.

As the name suggests, triple compression baling press presses the scrap from three dimensions, the double presses from two sides and finally the single presses only from one side.

And the best part of these scrap baling press is that the design can be customized according requirements mentioned by the client and even exported.

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