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Could Carbon Fiber Dethrone Steel as King in Construction?

For more than a century, steel has been an essential ingredient for those wanting to build the sturdiest structures. Though hefty and bulky to move around, and sometimes costly, steel has become a go-to item for builders wanting homes, commercial buildings and even bridges that will stand the test of time. The Beginning of Steel’s

Why Steel Is Still Used In Construction

Obvious as it is, steel is the most reliable material that can be used to form the skeleton of any building or structure and also keep its foundation strong. It is also the most regarded alloy in civil engineering due to its versatile mechanical and thermal properties. In spite of the advent of strong and

Various Areas Where Steel is Extensively Used

Distinct Feature of Steel: Steel is the most extensively used and the most recycled metal material on the planet Earth. Diverse steel’s forms and alloys proffer different properties in order to meet a broad range of applications. Because of the metal’s combination of high strength and a low production cost, steel is now used in