Gearing Up for an On-Site Fabrication Project

The majority of today’s steel-based projects are pre-fabricated, which means companies can utilize their own production facility to produce the necessary items. The only task required on-site is assembly. With most projects, assembly is very straightforward and requires only a small team of trained workers.

On-site Fabrication

That said, the number of projects that require on-site fabrication has increased at a steady rate this past year. Larger construction projects as well as smaller remodeling orders rely heavily on the extra control provided by on-site fabrication setups. While a lot of changes to the workflow are required, there are simple steps that can be taken to gear up for an on-site fabrication project.

Survey the Workspace

You can’t plan ahead for a full-fledged production on-site without knowing how the workspace is laid out. Do you have enough space for materials and machineries? Can you enter the project with a big team and a lot of equipment? The best way to figure these aspects out is by doing a quick survey of the workspace.

A visit takes no more than a few minutes, but the insights you get in return will save you a lot of trouble in the future. In fact, you can start planning almost immediately. Create a layout of the workspace and organize everything for maximum efficiency.

Consider the production workflow when placing materials and equipment. You want workers to move as little as possible without affecting the production process. You also need to check if there is enough space for a full material dump – or if a just-in-time approach is more suitable for the project. With a clear layout, you can continue with the next step, which is….

Create a Suitable Working Environment

Just because you’re handling an on-site fabrication project, doesn’t mean you can let your workers perform in less than ideal situation. It is still necessary to create a suitable working environment to keep the entire production running smoothly.

Health and safety protocols that are normally applied at the factory must also be applied on-site. Extra security measures are often required to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. You can also add extra amenities to support the project.

A comfortable space for workers to rest or have lunch will make a lot of difference in productivity and efficiency. You can also consider adding luxury porta potties from companies such as Satellite Suites; the luxury porta potties are used not only because they offer maximum comfort, but also because they look clean on the outside.

Prepare Contingencies

Even with the best plan in hand, there will still be issues that need to be solved on-site. This is part of the challenge of moving your production process from a controlled environment to the field. You can eliminate these extra risks by having contingency plans in place.

Anticipate the lack of materials, process disruptions and other common issues that may hamper production or halt the fabrication process to a complete stop. This, along with the two steps we have covered above, will help you stage a successful on-site fabrication without too many problems along the way.

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