All You Need to Know About the Operations of Hot Rolling Mills

Steel Rolling is the bulk deformation process that is carried out so as to decrease the cross section of large ingots or plates with the prime aim to produce semi-finished or finished components. Hot Rolling is the metalworking method that is widely carried out in industries to heat up the metal above the recrystallization temperature

The Role of Steel Stockholders in the Construction Industry Supply Line

Steel is a crucial material used in many applications due to its durability. Steel mills are responsible for the manufacture and production of steel which they can deliver directly to customers or export to international markets. However, millers produce on demand and ship to a customer. Sometimes they also retain some steel for themselves. Ordering

Single Axes vs Double Axes – Tail it To Your Needs!

Whether you’re a pedestrian on the floor or a worker up in the rafters, it is nice to know you have the reassurance of some safety measures around you. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure the workforce can go to work and do their duties in a safe and sound environment. Regardless

4 Benefits of Steel Garage Buildings Over Traditional Constructions

Steel garages are fast increasing in popularity because of the many advantages they offer. But still, many people who could benefit from them don’t use them either because of misconceptions or because they were unaware of how beneficial they can be. In this article, we’re going to give you a few reasons why steel garages

Why Steel Buildings Are Perfect for Workshops

Whether you are looking for somewhere to pursue your own individual work or your business requires one, setting up a workshop is more complex than choosing a new office. Being able to manufacture your own products brings with it numerous advantages, but to reap these rewards you’ll need to be producing the very best work

Construction Insurance – Why do Constructors Need it?

Construction projects are invariably awarded to construction contractors who have the necessary cover demanded by the clients. As a constructor, it is vital that you understand the scope of cover, the issues covered, premiums charged, and also the exclusions. This knowledge will enable you to acquire a policy that is the most appropriate for your

Top 5 Reasons Why Fiberglass Conduit Products Are Inexpensive to Install

Traditionally, cable conduit systems for telecom or power lines used steel or PVC for their conduit systems. While each of these options offered specific advantages, they also came with troubling drawbacks. What’s more, they could cost quite a bit. That’s why fiberglass conduit products are gaining ground as the preferred conduit systems for more contractors.

Buying a Laser Cutter? What You Need to Consider

Opting to operate a laser cutter in-house for parts fabrication and other tasks can be a significant time and money saver. Thanks to advances in technology, modern cutting machines are easier to use, more efficient, and capable of making more detailed and precise cuts than ever before, but before you invest in one for your

Steel Recycling For a Sustainable Future

Steel scrap is still steel! Steel is probably the only material that is almost 100% recyclable. The world collectively produces around 1.6 billion metric tons of steel and consumes 1.5 billion metric tons. As per the World Steel Association, in 2012, the world recycled around 88% of the steel it consumed. Steel recycling is a

More Growth Is to Be Expected in Q3 and Q4

2017 has been a great year for the steel industry so far. We recently reported Japan steelmakers increased earnings for this fiscal year, showing solid growth in profit and positive signs of future developments. The same trend can be seen in the steel industry around the world, including in India and Korea. Industry experts believe