Why the Romans Were Right About Arched Buildings

There are two forms of designs for steel buildings: rigid and arched steel buildings. With the arch type, steel is joined together in a semi-circular shape to help support the structure. In terms of technology, arches have been used for centuries due to the engineering and stylistic benefits they offer. Continue reading to learn more.

The Romans Didn’t Invent the Arch, They Just Perfected It

In addition to the durability of steel, an arched steel building is self-supporting. Imagine if you were an arch. To illustrate, you might stiffen your arms, raise both your hands and push your palms against another person.

Now, your weight counteracts the other person’s weight. With a steel building, the metal leans against one another to stabilize the opening.

Span Distance

An arch can span a longer distance than a straight beam, especially between two points of vertical support. As a result, an arch cuts down on costs when building. Yet, it can also support larger loads.

It is the perfect shape for storage, workshops, a man cave, she shed, retail shops, warehouses and more. The arch also produces higher ceilings, which, is more spacious.


A structural arch can carry a heavier load than a flat surface. This is due to the forces of thrust conveyed by the arch. Plus, the arch can transfer any loads more safely to the ground than a flat structure.


There isn’t any question that the arch is aesthetically pleasing. The arch conveys nobility and strength. Just think of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. or the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

In addition, arches tend to blend in well with their surrounding environment.


An arched ceiling makes any room feel more magnificent. With the sloping roof line, you might have the feeling of being in a ski lodge.

If you put your arched building anywhere where the views are impressive, then you can maximize window space to take in the scenery. As a result, you get the sensation of indoor and outdoor living.

More Space

While increased space exists overhead, arched ceilings successfully manipulate the experience of additional square footage. If you have an open floor plan, then this enhances the space even further.

The arch gives the building a comfortable feeling without taking away from the ambiance.

Better Lighting

With an arched ceiling, you have a better opportunity for increased natural light. By installing windows through the arch, you bring a lot of natural light through. The effect is calming and energy efficient.

On cooler days, the sun can warm the building. Plus, you can eliminate the effect of seasonal affective disorder.

In Conclusion

When you combine the benefits of a steel building with arched ceilings, you get a powerhouse structure in all regards. Not only do you have more space to move, but you can improve the overall lighting of the entire building.

In addition, arched buildings meld quite well with the surrounding environment. And, they improve the overall feeling of grandeur.





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